Robert Osborne: Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker

I’ve had a very rewarding career to this point.  One that has allowed me to work all around the world with some of the most talented people in the world of journalism and documentaries.  I’ve been part of some of the biggest news stories in the last 35 years--from the devastating earth quakes that destroyed Haiti, to the creation of the North American Free Trade Act to the Yeltsin-Clinton summit.  I've had the priviledge of being able to spend a lot of time working on in-depth documentaries that (to my mind) have dealt with some critical issues.  Along the way, I’ve mostly dug up my own stories:  stories that have blown the lid off corrupt politicians, police and businessmen.  Stories that have brought me  recognition from my peers and the public, but most of all, stories that have kept me absolutely captivated by my job. I love the work that I get the opportunity to do and  I look forward to the next twenty years of being out in the wide world doing it.  The site is designed to give you a small cross section of the kind of work I've been able to produce so far.  

Robert Osborne

Kenya, 2008: Left to right--Robert Osborne, Mike Josselyn, Tom Clark, Paul Freer, Joshua Nboko.